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Rank List ( with price )

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Rank List ( with price )

Post by Eucharistica on Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:43 am

[MPD] Basic Ranks: -

New Staff
Basic Agent

Agent 1st Class (2c)

Staff Sergeant (3c)
Sergeant 1st Class
Master Sergeant

1st Sergeant (4c)
Sergeant Major
Command Sergeant Major

Intel Staff Agent I  (5c)
Intel Staff Agent II
Intel Staff Agent III

Intel Staff Agent IV (6c)
Field Martial  
Colonel I
Colonel II

Colonel III (7c)
Colonel IV

Commander (8c)

Elite Lt. (9c)
Supreme Lt.

[MPD] Security Ranks:

Security Trainer (10c)
Security Recruiter (12c)
Personnal Security Unit (14c)
Industrial & Area Security Programs Unit (16c)
Plans & Resources Unit (18c)
Productive Programme Unit (20c)
Security Services Unit (22c)
Information Security Unit (24c)
Security Officer I  (26c)
Security Officer II (28c)
Security Officer III  (30c)
Security Officer IV (32c)
Experienced Security Agent (34c)

[MPD] Trainer Ranks:

Training Recruiter (36c)
Training Agent 4th Division (38c)
Training Agent 3rd Division (40c)
Training Agent 2nd Division (42c)
Training Agent 1st Division (44c)
Trainer Divison Officer (46c)
Novice Trainer (48c)
Experienced Trainer (50c)
Supervisor of Training (52c)
Leader of Training (54c)
Director of Training (56c)
Senior Director of Training (58c)
Handler of Training (60c)

[MPD] Officer Ranks:

Trial Lieutenant (62c)
Junior Lieutenant (64c)
2nd Lieutenant (66c)                                      
1st Lieutenant (68c)
Captain (70c)
Major (72c)
Lieutenant Colonel (74c)
Colonel (76c)
Undercover MPD Officer (78c)
Experienced MPD Officer (80c)

[MPD] Middle Ranks:

Court Member I (83c)
Court Member II (86c)
Court Member III (89c)
Court Member IV (92c)
Junior Chancellor (95c)
Chancellor (98c)
Senior Chancellor  (101c)

[MPD] High Ranks:

Trial High Rank (120c)
Novice High Rank (124c)
High Rank Agent I-IV (128c)
Experienced High Rank (132c)

[MPD] Board of Directors Ranks:

BOD Agent I-IV (160c)
Experienced BOD (165c)
Director of BOD (170c)
Head of BOD (175c)

[MPD] Managers Ranks: (200c) Only 2 Persons Per Rank

Manager of I-IV
Manager of Agents
Manager of Cadets
Manager of Security
Manager of Trainers
Manager of Officers
Manager of Middle Ranks
Manager of High Ranks
Manager of BOD
Manager of MPD Top Security
Manager of MPD Top Management

[MPD] Top Management:

Junior Director (220c)  
Director (225c)
Section Chief  (230c)
Chief Director (235c)
Chief Manager (240c)
Chief Operating Officer (245c)
Elite Director (250c)
Supreme Director (255c)
Associate Deputy Director (260c)
Deputy Assistant Director (265c)
Associate Executive Assistant  (270c)

[MPD] [SISD] Signals Intelligence Sectors Department Rank :
MEASat = Malaysia East Asia Satellite

MEASat Intelligence Analysis Team (350c)
MEASat Junior Director (355c)
MEASat Director (360c)
MEASat Section Chief (365c)
MEASat Chief Director (370c)
MEASat Chief Manager (375c)
MEASat Chief Operating Officer (380c)
MEASat Elite Director (385c)
MEASat Supreme Director (390c)
MEASat Associate Deputy Director (395c)
MEASat Deputy Assistant Director (400c)
MEASat Associate Executive Assistant (405c)

[MPD] [MISD] Military Inteligence Sectors Department Rank :
D.S.I = Defence Staff Intelligence Division

D.S.I Intelligence Analysis Team (430c)
D.S.I Junior Director (435c)
D.S.I Director (440c)
D.S.I Section Chief (445c)
D.S.I Chief Director (450c)
D.S.I Chief Manager (455c)
D.S.I Chief Operating Officer (460c)
D.S.I Elite Director (465c)
D.S.I Supreme Director (470c)
D.S.I Associate Deputy Director (475c)
D.S.I Deputy Assistant Director (480c)
D.S.I Associate Executive Assistant (485c)

This Rank Below Are Not For Sale, They Will Be Selected by Founder's above.

[MPD] [DISD] Domestic intelligence Sectors Department Rank :
S.B = Special Branch

S.B Response Team [nabihahazmi]
S.B Intelligence Analysis Team [-PencilPen]
S.B Strategy Team [.:Dclsparta:.]
S.B Interpol Team [Kekams]
S.B Junior Director [luffy465]
S.B Director [Nurul_Husna658]
S.B Section Chief [_shico_]
S.B Chief Director [Vacant]
S.B Chief Manager [Vacant]
S.B Chief Operating Officer [Vacant]
S.B Elite Director [Vacant]
S.B Supreme Director [Vacant]
S.B Associate Deputy Director [Vacant]
S.B Deputy Assistant Director [Vacant]
S.B Associate Executive Assistant [Vacant]

[MPD] Government Ranks:

Sec. of Intell [Vacant]
Sec. of Interior [Vacant]
Sec. of Defence [Vacant]
Sec. of Security [Vacant]
Sec. of Training [Vacant]
Government Official [Vacant]
Senate [Vacant]
Cabinet Minister [Vacant]
Lt. Governor [Vacant]
Depurty Prime Minister [Vacant]
Prime Minister [Vacant]
Congressmen [Vacant]
Secretary [Vacant]
Depurty Yang Di-Pertua [Vacant]
Yang Di-Pertua
1) YoungObey_

[MPD] Ownership

[MPD] Founder

[MPD] Owner

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